In the late 1800s and early 1900s, this area was known as Alpine’s best orchard. The early fruit was fantastic because it was perfectly placed — just above the frost line. Soon the word was out — the area’s stunning natural features were becoming known throughout Utah. The area became a locals’ favorite for the fantastic fishing opportunities on Fort Canyon Creek and its abundance of wildlife, including elk, deer, wild turkey, and moose.

This is the story of Alpine Utah

Over 800 Acres
Established 2015 57 Large Unique Lots

Hundreds of acres of beautiful open space with natural waterfalls, streams and springs

Mountains, Valley views, and trails

Alpine City recognized the raw, natural beauty of the area and blocked any development on the 800-acre area. Now, through careful planning, Alpine City and the Three Falls developers have set aside 600 acres of open space to preserve the natural beauty of the land and ensure the residents every opportunity to enjoy one of Utah’s most beautiful natural areas.

Nestled neatly into the north end of Alpine, at the base of Lone Peak, Fort Canyon butts up to thousands of acres of wild Forest Service land. Inside Fort Canyon, surrounded by mountain peaks and ringed by meadows, is 800 acres of land with large granite boulders, Aspens, and towering pines — all woven together with numerous streams, ponds and waterfalls. This is Three Falls.

Terrain that’s one of a kind

The area’s abundance of water — unique in this part of Utah — creates numerous waterfalls during the spring melt, and three beautiful falls that run year-round. Three Falls is a breathtaking area that is unequalled anywhere else along the Western edge of the Wasatch Front Range.